We believe a strong culture of team safety is important. While building robots is fun and highly educational, it can also be dangerous if you are not properly prepared. Besides, being safe while building robots encourages students to be safe in their careers and lives. Safety isn’t just a word – it’s a lifestyle.

Because of this, we’ve made available all these resources to anyone who wants them.

JavaWockies 2018 Safety Animation – Safety Sam Plays for Real

(Song used: This is the Funny Song by Martin Nilsson)

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for MK-SLA Lead Acid Robot Batteries: http://http//www.mkbattery.com/documents/5548MK-SLA-MSDS-2009.pdf

FIRST Safety Manual – 2018: https://www.firstinspires.org/sites/default/files/uploads/resource_library/2018-first-robotics-competition-safety-manual.pdf

JavaWockies 2018 Safety Manual:

JavaWockies Safety Checklist – 2017:


Enjoy and be safe out there!

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