Yes, that’s right. At 10:00 AM on January 6th, 2018 (which is about 14 and a half hours away from when this will be posted) the 2018 FRC Kickoff will be taking place. Check out the live stream at

If you’re a member of an FRC team, the game manual and other downloads will be available at this link:

We’re so excited to get started, but we need your help. We still have an outstanding balance on our registration bill, and if we want to build a robot with more than the bits and pieces with which we’re provided, we’re going to need more funds. So, if you could help us by visiting¬†, sharing our story with your friends, and contributing to our cause, we’d really appreciate it. Last year wouldn’t have happened were it not for our generous supporters, and we need your help again. Thanks for sticking with us and be prepared for super amazing updates in the following weeks! #LetsGoJavaWockies!

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